field of nodes


Logo Design / Branding

Field of Nodes is an education and migration consultancy. Thay lacked a visual brand / identity that their clients could relate to. Jon had in mind a rough concept of multiple nodes that we worked on, refined the idea and worked on multiple design concepts. Jon was very happy with this option and chose to finally go with this logo.

we to see CLIENTS HAppy

"Illusionz Studio conducted an in depth series of conversations and marketing analysis on my business, my purpose and my ideals with respect to a logo that suited my, Field of Nodes, needs. Once we collaborated on a commencement plan for design, Dimple used 5 days to create and issue me with 4 design options. All of the initial designs were beautiful and suited my business needs in different ways. I responded with a hierarchical list of most to least favourite. We had another creative collaboration meeting and a new set of designs were issued. I picked my favourite one and we completed the logo contract. Her approach was very professional, intuitive and absolutely captured the essence of my creative expression. I will be using her services for more design, websites, database systems in the future. Legend of a company that knows how to collaborate and deliver.


- Jonathan Miller - Founder, Field of Nodes