Kenny Davin Fine website


Musician's Website Redesign + Development

Our Client, Kenny Davin Fine is a passionate singer-songwriter, medical doctor, and spiritual Journeyman whose goal is to entertain, educate, and enlighten with his original, thought-provoking music. We worked on his website redesign and development project. The site features a fresh, clean and modern design, user friendly information architecture and key functionality. Kenny is very delighted with the website.

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"Working with Dimple was easy and pleasurable from start to finish. She is very talented at her craft, and the results were aesthetic as well as functional. She is always eager to please, and did everything I requested. I liked that she is willing to code the website without Word Press, which is proof of her skills.  Everything about the development and launch process was smooth as silk. Thanks Dimple for a Great Job Well Done!"

- Dr. Kenny Davin Fine, Finer Health.Com