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IP Law Firm Logo + Website Design & Development

Logo + Website Design and Development for The DLC London, a startup legal solutions practice in London, UK. We worked on a clean, modern, minimalistic design upon the client's request to look different and and user friendly than the typical lawyer practice website. The client had a specific idea in mind and we were able to deliver the vision effectively. The site is responsive and works well across mobile devices.The client is very pleased with the new website and the feedback / results received for the new website.

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"As a start up law firm we wanted a website that had all the information on it for potential clients but at the same time was fresh, fun and personal - a website that brought out our personality and the vision that we stand for. Illusionz Studio helped us achieve just that! :) The best part about working with Illusionz Studio is that their role does not just end at delivering the product.. Dimple ensures that she is on top of any technical issues and definitely goes the extra mile to make launching a website a seamless experience for her clients! We couldn’t be more excited to launch our new website and hopefully to work with Illusionz on many more projects in the near future!!"

- Geeta Daswani, Founder, The DLC London