West Coast Consultants


Logo Design / Branding

West Coast Consultants is a migration agency helping immigrants migrate to Australia. They were launching their new consultancy and needed a real good branding and identity design to stand out among competition. We worked with them closely on a couple design options. They are delighted with the final logo and branding provided by us.

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"Ever since the day we engaged Dimple from Illusionz Studio to look after our branding needs we haven't had to worry one bit! Australia being a very competitive market with Indian Migration Agencies at first we were hesitant to have someone overseas look after our artwork but I can tell you with assurance that taking the risk paid off a thousand folds ! Dimple is so easy to work with and has an abundance of creativity.  I would highly recommend any business looking at being on top of their marketing game to contract Illusionz studio!


- Dee Melwani- Founder, West Coast Consultants