Wheatish Complexion blog Design

Wheatish Complexion Blog Design


Branding + Blog Design + Development + Social Media Design

Our Client was looking for a redesign of her very interesting blog called Wheatish complexion. The written content is funny and modern yet has Indian roots with American flavor. Hence we designed a combination or very clean yet intricate design, subtle, with pops of color to keep it clean and elegant. The blog is Wordpress based and allows her to manage it. We also worked on her FaceBook and Twitter profiles to give it the same branding, look and feel. She is very delighted with the end product.

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"Very special shout out to Illusionz Studio for some beautiful work on my blog site and FB page, Wheatishcomplexion! You guys sure know how to put the magic touch to it and make it look spectacular!! This is our second project with Ilusionz Studio and I am super impressed and would recommend them to everyone! Thank you again for making this dream come true!! Look forward to working with you again in very near future!"

- Founder, Wheatish Complexion